Spring to It: Local designers, original styles

Handcrafted shoes. Upcycled marquee lights. Jewelry, scarves, and surfboards. Ventura County is brimming with indie entrepreneurs and their one-off wares. Here, a spring-inspired selection of finds from nine of your neighbors.

Curated by Valerie Velazquez of Meet Your Makers ( and Mariana Schulze.

Stewart + Brown High Low cinch skirt in black sand dot print, $118. Open Tie cardigan in silver, $104.

Catlin Blair Harvey Koru earrings, $76. Stepping Stones necklace, $295. Bound Earth bracelet (left hand), $250. Simple Riveting bracelet, $360. Simple Riveting ring (1 stone), $110. Simple Riveting ring (2 stones), $150. Coast ring, $125. River ring, $110.

Agnete Todd Masina solid black handmade canvas shoes, $235.

Scott Coppersmith Designs Heart marquee light, $400.

Photos: Mariana Schulze

Assistant: Sasha Bujnak

Model: Emily Rose Turner

Hair and Makeup: Sheila Raye Stone

Paintings and Lamps: Martha and Christie Kelly

Shot at spacemonkeycreative studio, Ojai

Stewart + Brown Claribel drape dress in sandstone dot print, $171.

Catlin Blair Harvey Del Mar earrings, $160. Trilogy necklace, $150 each. Stegosaurus bracelet (r. hand), $600. Stella ring, $160. See previous page for other items.

Agnete Todd Masina multicolored textile shoes, $235.

Scott Coppersmith Designs ‘50s Star marquee light, $400.

Fanny Penny Designs Batik tunic, $75. Indigo felted scarf, $75.

Photos: Mariana Schulze

Model: Gina Cowden

Boys and Arrows Thelma the Thug bikini, $92.

Paula Tapia Organic cotton and alpaca yoga shawl, $49.95.

Model: Paula Tapia

Hoyte designs Daisy Love custom surfboard ( with art by Jay Vigon (, priceless. In memory of Daisy Love Merrick, this board will be auctioned off at to raise money for the Children’s Cancer and Blood Diseases Program.

TigerOwl Designs California Dreamin’ organic cotton shirt, $28.

Catlin Blair Harvey Supernova necklace, $180. Simply Riveting bracelet, $360. Bound Earth bracelet (r. hand), $250. Stegosaurus bracelet, $600. Talisman bracelet (l. hand), $105. One-stone Simply Riveting ring (r. hand), $110. Coast ring (l. hand), $125.

Paula Tapia Yoga shawl, $49.95.

Boys and Arrows Peggy the Party Animal bikini in mojave zag print, $94.

Photos: Mariana Schulze

Assistant: Nathalie Raijmakers

Model: Paula Tapia

Fanny Penny Designs Ghana sac dress, $150.

Flag necklace, $75.

Photos: Mariana Schulze

Model: Gina Cowden

Stewart + Brown Flora dress in sandstone dot print, $186.

Agnete Todd Audrey leather calfskin mix color shoes, $275. Anna yellow calfskin sandals, $175.

Scott Coppersmith Designs World Map marquee light, $800.

Catlin Blair Harvey Cascade necklace, $160. Stargazer necklace, $185. Simply Riveting cuff in pink leather (r. hand), $285. Simply Riveting cuff in sandstone leather (l. hand), $285. Simply Riveting cuff in pink leather (l. hand), $175. River Ring (r.), $110. Simply Riveting 2-stone ring (r.), $150. Stella ring (l.), $160. Simply Riveting 1-stone ring (l.), $110.


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