Treat yourself well between acts

Good libations

Be it comedy or tragedy, musical or straight play, a show’s break affords the perfect chance to gather with companions for a mini-critique, and a good dessert wine is the perfect backdrop. Cousin’s offers Andrew Rich’s Gewurztraminer, a smooth confection richer than Muscat that couples well with a quick taste of chocolate. A small glass will see you through intermission and leave you with the sense that you’ve indulged wisely. Let’s hope you can say the same about the play. Cousin’s Wine Tasting, 2390 Las Posas Road, Camarillo. Call 445-4424, or visit

Garden of delights

Truffles provide the perfect in-between nibble when you retreat to the lobby for your well-earned fifteen minute break, and Palermo graciously offers the perfect spread of individual delicacies to pick and choose your in-between nosh. Selections come in such delectable renditions as double and triple chocolate, black forest, dark tiramisu, butter toffee, Swiss mint, almond toffee, raspberry and macadamia brag, in addition to sugar-free options like milk mousse and dark vanilla. Displayed in a gleaming glass case bound to take you back to your days as a kid in a candy shop, each little morsel is sold individually ($1.25-$2.50). Palermo Coffee, 321 E. Main St., Ventura. Call 643-3070.


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