Gold Dust Gala

Ventura County Fairgrounds


he 20th Annual Gold Dust Gala, presented by the Community Memorial Healthcare Foundation, took place on April 17, 2010 at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, where piano man Phil Vassar performed his unique brand of country music for some 800 attendees. The Gala is held each year to raise money for breast cancer detection and treatment, cervical cancer screening and vaccine, and needed diagnostic equipment that benefits women in the community who lack access to life-saving exams. Services are provided by Community Memorial Health System. For more information about CMHS and their Healthy Women’s Program, call 805.651.2661 or visit and click on Patient Services.

Councilmember Jim Monahan and wife.

Robert and Jenna Armstrong, Robyn and Dr. Jim Halverson.

Kay Woodburn, Amanda Woodburn, Bethany Gomez, and Dr. Jim Woodburn.

MarLynn and Dr. Lamar Bushnell.

Dr. Dominic Tedesco and Gold Dust Gala Chair Margie Stites.

Phil Vassar.

Honoree Banners at the Gold Dust Gala.


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