Art for All

Everyone has the ability to create. That is part of art’s intrinsic beauty—its spirit of democracy. With this philosophy of freedom in mind, we’re highlighting a range of tools and products for the master artiste and curious craftsperson alike.

By Maxine Hurt

Art City Studios

197 Dubbers Street, Ventura, 805.648.1690.

Stones from around the world are for sale at Art City Sculpture Supply. Primarily a working studio for sculptors, Art City also sells a range of stones to artists and inspired homeowners looking to commission a fountain or decorative sculpture. Stones sold include alabaster, soapstone, marble, onyx, and basalt. Call for pricing and material availability or just drop in and stroll through this one-of-a-kind facility where sculptors energetically “make noise and dust” under the Ventura sun.

Ojai Creates

606 East Ojai Ave, Ojai, 805.640.6558

Speedball Deluxe Screen Printing Kit. This tool kit gives you all the items you'll need to learn how to screen print on paper, fabric, cardboard, or wood. $75.99

Sennelier Soft Pastel Set Sennelier, the crème de la crème of paint manufacturers in the art world, has a line of pastels that includes the purest pigments, mixed with minimal amounts of natural binders to create an extraordinary color palette. The pastels are formed by hand, placed in special molds, and allowed to air dry, creating an exceptionally smooth and velvety feel. Set of 80 $139.46

Super Sculpey. This semi-translucent, beige-pink clay is ideal for modeling work that requires fine details. It bakes within minutes in a household oven and is shatter- and chip-resistant upon completion. $11.89 (1lb.)

Peruvian Bead Company

455 East Main Street, Ventura, 805.641.1326

For the jewelry maker or even the general craftsman, beads are essential. And the more colorful and exotic, the better. Here are a few “gems” you can find at the Peruvian Bead Company.

Glass “Sugar Beads” from the Czech Republic. $2.50 each.

All natural turquoise from China. $3 each.

All natural Mexican agate. $18 each.

Multi-colored and faceted Swarovski Crystals. $4 each.


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